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Lead Management and Distribution


Nationwide Agribusiness Lead Generation and Management

Agriculture is a progressive business that impacts millions of farmers, ranchers and agribusiness professionals daily. These individuals require insurance to protect their businesses and families. Innovative insurance leader, Nationwide Agribusiness, maintains a database that stores information for tens of thousands of individuals who are connected to agribusiness. In order to grow sales and reach business goals, Nationwide must manage these leads and distribute them equally to their sales staff.

In order to prevent leads from falling through the cracks and going unnoticed, Nationwide commissioned DWebware to build a complex lead management and distribution system. With this new system Nationwide is able to track the status of leads, select the best sales rep based on location, offer sales reps the option of accepting available contacts, and notify them of optimal times to follow up with these individuals. This custom web application guides Nationwide in making the best possible sales interaction with prospective clients. By keeping sales reps accountable for their leads, Nationwide strives to increase conversion rates and retention of valuable customers.

The progressive thinking of Nationwide’s business executives has helped solidify its position as an innovative insurance leader in agribusiness. Custom web applications help businesses increase efficiency and improve business performance on a daily basis. Can you think of ways to improve your business with a custom web application? Contact DWebware to learn more about custom web development.


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