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It's About the Benefit Not the Feature


Anderson Erickson Seasonal Egg Nog

Some companies struggle to distinguish features from benefits. Consumers, however, often care about benefits they receive from features, not features themselves. Consumers want to know how a product will help make their lives easier, work more efficient, or family time more meaningful. They are often less concerned with a product’s attributes and more concerned with its results. Features affect quality, but the assurance of success is much more compelling.

Anderson Erickson Dairy (AE) has taken benefit marketing to heart. They provide the Midwest with a plethora of dairy products ranging from cottage cheese to seasonal egg nog, but they don’t get hung up on just discussing their products’ features. Instead, they supply their customers with an obvious benefit - tantalizing recipes that are enjoyed by friends and family through the use of AE’s various products (click here for Egg Nog Cake with White Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting). AE spells it out for their consumers and ignites their imagination. Showing them if they use AE products when cooking or baking, they will create delicious dishes that produce lasting memories.

Holidays are often filled with family and food. AE’s online recipe database is loaded with great seasonal dishes that pack the kitchen with delectable aromas and celebrated tradition. The recipe database is a simple feature of AE’s website, but the memories made and quality time created because of these recipes is the true benefit. Consumers care about the enjoyment their food brings to loved ones, so AE ensures them that dairy products will help create that joyous experience.

Do you have a product that benefits consumers in a meaningful way? Make sure to show them how your product will improve their lives. Don’t focus on the obvious. Tell them a story and help them visualize the potential.


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