Hiring Local Web Developers is the Smart Play
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Hiring Local Web Developers is the Smart Play


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It’s a phrase that is uttered with increasing frequency these days, “Hire local.” Employers and business owners are encouraged to hire locally about as often as consumers are prompted to open their wallets and purses for the neighborhood mom and pop shops around town, but why is that?

Is there a tangible benefit to choosing an employee or a contractor from your area, or is just something people say? As it turns out, there are several reasons you should consider reaching out to your local web developers for all your website needs.

Marketplace knowledge

Large and small web development companies alike are going to have issues designing and crafting web services for an unfamiliar area. Is a large, New York City-based company going to know what likely consumers in a rural-Iowa town are going to want? Probably not.

“As citizens and consumers in the desired marketplace, local web developers can really get a good feel for what will work and what won’t for the businesses they work with,” said Stephanie Miller, a web application developer with DWebware.

Target audiences

Local web development already has a leg-up because of its ability to relate to the desired audience a business is after. More than likely, the local development companies have already spent a large quantity of time working, learning and crafting web sites, mobile apps and more to the same audiences you are trying to reach.

“Being a part of the city the business is marketing to is a big advantage, Miller said. “We know what people in this area value and what is important to the residents of the area.”

Face-to-face service

Not only are local web developers going to know where and who you should be targeting for your business, but they will be able to converse and collaborate with you in person. You are also much more likely to get one-on-one service whenever an issue arises, or if you just aren’t sure about the current approach taken. There is something to be said for a face-to-face meeting rather than a Skype or teleconference meeting.

“It’s all about building that relationship,” Miller said. “Email and phone relationships are never as good as that in-person relationship.”

Ease of contact

Along the same lines as getting prompt, face-to-face service, a local web development company is going to be much easier to reach.

“Not only are local developers easy to reach, but it cuts down on potential miscommunications,” Miller said. “Emails and phone calls can leave room for error. Being able to meet easily and face-to-face can increase your ability to work together and even improve bad situations as you can work through the issues.”

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