Creating Value for Your Clients Using Customization
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Creating Value for Your Clients Using Customization


Customized Web Development for c wenger group

Customizations aren’t just nice, they are expected. Organizations must be willing to offer products and services that are tailored to clients’ specific needs. Clients understand the importance of their business to these organizations, and they are leveraging that power to demand improvements. This is done in nearly every industry, but it may be most prevalent in technology. Customizations are nearly limitless when it comes to web solutions and software.

c wenger group is a prime example of a company that chooses to offer its clients more options in order to remain a leader in its industry. The core of their business is based on an integrated program of measuring and improving service quality (research, quality assessment, and training) for organizations that operate internal contact centers. c wenger group continually makes improvements to its web-based system in order to evolve with the demands of its clients. The most recent improvement that the company made was the customization of its clients’ contact center, tracking and feedback extranet.

The extranets are used by management and employees to distribute and receive reports that pertain to specific departments and individuals in contact centers. The customizations allow c wenger group to skin each portal to match its clients’ individual brands. Improvements like these are not difficult to make, yet they may significantly impact a client’s decision to remain with an organization. The image below shows a before and after screenshot of a c wenger group extranet system. As you can see, there are design enhancements that allow them to easily adjust the look of the portal using simple color selectors and the added ability to display messages to individual departments and/or the entire company through WYSIWYG editors.

John Deere Financial custom web development

c wenger group is taking the proactive approach when dealing with customer retention. They are not waiting for a client to request improvements, they make them automatically. c wenger group finds ways to enhance their system and improve it for now and in the future.

Attention to minor details can make the biggest impact and become the differentiator that sets you apart.  Sometimes these customizations and tweaks can be simple, other times that may be difficult. The most important thing to realize is that you should always be looking for ways to improve. If you are not advancing, you are likely falling behind. Remember, it is much easier to keep up than it is to catch up. Contact DWebware to learn more about custom web and application development.


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