Building Your Startup Team
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Building Your Startup Team


Building A Startup Team

Take a look at some of the most successful online companies in recent history – think Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook etc. – yeah, you know the group. The majority of successful online startups have had at least one technical cofounder. If your business is going to be based online, whether through a website or mobile app, someone on your team will need the technical know-how.


If you are not so fortunate to have the coding chops of a young Mark Zuckerberg, you will need to find a different way. One route is to form your own team of cofounders sharing equity. The benefit of this approach is that it promotes synergy, as each partner’s goals are aligned. Additionally, it eliminates the costs associated with hiring a person or company to develop your initial system. The downside rests in the difficulty of establishing a likeminded technical team of designers and/or developers who are willing, ready, and able. If you can find that, you are ready to begin.

development agencies

If you are not a tech guru and cannot convince capable designers and developers into joining your rocket ship ride to fame and fortune, there are many web and mobile development agencies ready to lend a hand. The primary benefits related to hiring a web or mobile development agency typically center around the wide array of technical expertise that a deep roster of talent can provide. This includes expert graphic designers, UI specialists, SEO mavens, data architects, programmers, and other skilled professionals. This specialization can lead to higher quality products, as you are able to rely on a vast array of skillsets. The primary downside to hiring a company is cost and possibly passion or shared vision.

search until you find

Our small scale experiences have shown that the most important step to online startup success begins with gathering a complementary team. Case in point - Larry had Sergey (Google founders), Pinterest had 3 cofounders, Twitter had 4, and LinkedIn 5. Even Facebook counts 4 cofounders in addition to Mr. Zuckerberg. Regardless of the path you choose, make sure you assemble a team that supports your vision and balances your abilities. Most importantly, don’t give up when the journey gets tough. The right partners are out there, be it co-founders or the ideal web/mobile agency for your business, keep searching and you will find them.

If you have questions about building a startup team, contact us and we will do our best to help.


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