Tips on Engaging Your Websites Users
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A Few Tips on How to Keep Visitors on Your Website


Website visitor engagement

Websites are great for displaying products and services. Your site can be a hub for managing customers, generating leads, and a place where consumers spend money. Websites should engage users and add value to your brand. Sites that offer all of these things do not have to be complicated, just well-constructed.

When brainstorming a new look for your site, don’t forget to focus on how it can improve user experience. Most importantly, design and develop it in a way that keeps visitors on your site. Competition is everywhere. Consumers can pick and choose where they do business, but a well-constructed web strategy will help position your organization as the likely choice.

Your website has a limited window to attract users to navigate beyond your homepage. Here are a few tips on how to decrease bounce rate and improve visitor engagement:

  1. Great Web Design That Matches Your Industry – The design is the first thing your website visitors see. If it is not aesthetically pleasing, they will leave quicker than they arrived. Equally important, however, is the need for aligning your design with your industry. You don’t want to confuse your visitors. Your design must stand out amongst competition yet portray the image of your industry. Visitors need to know instantly that they have clicked on the right site. If they feel at home, they will stay.
  2. Relevant Information Up-front – If you have information that you need visitors to see, make it easy for them to find. Make your homepage a navigation tool for the rest of your site. If a visitor arrives to your site and doesn’t see what they are looking for on the homepage, they will most likely assume it isn’t on your site. Give the people what they came to see.
  3. Mobile Friendly – This should be obvious, but we still want to mention it. Your mobile audience is growing by the day. Smart phones and tablets are everywhere, and if your site isn’t designed for those users, you will probably lose them. Roughly 33% of our customers’ website visitors are coming from mobile devices. We cannot stress it enough, websites must be designed with mobile users in mind.
  4. Icons and Easy-to-Understand Navigation – Make it easy for your visitors to understand what they need to click to get where they want to go. Don’t try to reinvent the Internet. Keep your navigational naming conventions simple and your icons descriptive. Make sure to guide your visitors to desired areas of your sites. By using helpful icons and clearly constructed links, you avoid the frustration of misdirected visitors.

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